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“It's some creamy butter to your toasty bread."

Pedro Meyer came to America from Brazil with the dream to create meaningful music that will inspire listeners everywhere. Guitar player and singer-songwriter, Pedro developed a style that merges Funk, Blues, Americana and Folk into a refreshing new sound, over 15 years in the making. With particular attention to lyrics and composition, his music aims to find the balance between the moods that sways the listeners and lyrics, drawn from his personal life and observations, that everyone can relate to.

His debut EP “The Right resolve” is composed of “genuine, heartfelt songs flushed out by a range of instruments” (Ian Gassman – former Westword ).

The instrumentation drives the themes home. On "Alone," the brushy, slapped acoustic envelops you right away. The plucked acoustic on "Strangers" does the same. All the guitar work sets the perfect foundation, but the organ and key licks all over this EP is super tasty. “It's some creamy butter to your toasty bread.”

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